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Turath Tower

Turath Tower

is a mixed-use tower between administrative offices and shops, on an area of ​​2,146 sqm
With a unique location in the Downtown area in the heart of the New Administrative Capital, directly in front of the Gold Market.

  • A unique and distinctive location to start a successful investment.
  • A clear view for all units.
  • Continuously new customers, as the government district, when operational, serves 6 to 8 million people.

Located near

  • Green river
  • Government district
  • New Diamond Hotel
  • Cairo Opera House
  • Bin Zayed Axis
  • Monorail station

Available roles and units

  • 11 floors (10 frequent floors + ground floor)
  • Shops (from the ground floor to the second floor)
  • Administrative offices (from the third floor to the tenth floor)
  • Retail spaces (starting from 25 m)
  • Administrative office spaces (starting from 25 m)

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